Leadership for Professional

Learning Symposium

June 17-18, 2019, Cambridge, UK










The Leadership for Professional Learning Symposium will convene a diverse group of educational leaders for a collaborative dialogue focused on leading and enabling sustainable professional learning cultures. Participants will be able to share innovations, research and lessons from their experience, and be able to seek support and solutions to challenges facing the field.

The two-day symposium is structured around five focused strands to allow preK-12 educators, school and system leaders, academics and political thought leaders an enriched experience that will inform their work:

  • 1. Focusing on, and conditions for, professional learning
  • 2. Dialogue, professional learning and leadership
  • 3. Shared leadership and mutual accountability for professional learning
  • 4. Student learning and leadership
  • 5. Leadership within a virtual learning space

The symposium is designed to connect educational leaders worldwide, serve as a catalyst in the creation of new ideas, and lead to academic and practice outputs through the contributions of participating colleagues. Furthermore, the symposium is a working session in which participants are expected to host a dialogue; bring an artifact, document, or other material to contribute to that dialogue; and participate in other dialogues within up to two selected symposium strands.


This symposium is designed to connect educational leaders (in the broadest sense) worldwide, serve as a catalyst in the creation of new ideas, and lead to academic and practice outputs. Applications are invited from anyone with something to offer to the dialogue about leadership for professional learning: teachers and students from all phases and types of education; school, organization and system leaders; researchers, academics and policy influencers, and most importantly, you! All are invited to submit a registration interest form for peer review, to be reviewed and notified of selection on a rolling basis. Proposals will be reviewed against the following criteria, and the selection process will seek to maximize diversity across educational roles.

  • 1. Relevance to the symposium theme: Leadership for Professional Learning
  • 2. Relevance to a symposium strand
  • 3. Significance of contribution to the field and/or symposium dialogue
  • 4. Adherence to submission requirements, such as including a resource, case study, artifact to contribute to the dialogue


420 GBP

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Leadership for Professional Learning: Common Challenges, Shared Solutions

JUNE 17-18, Cambridge UK


Conference Address
Møller Centre, Churchill College, Storey's Way, Cambridge CB3 0DE, UK

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Monday, June 17th, 2019

8:30-9:30 – Registration/Coffee

9:30-10:30 Opening Session– Introduction/Provocation

10:30-10:45 – Transition to Breakout Sessions

10:45-12:00 – Small Group Sessions 1

12:00-13:00 – Lunch

13:00-14:15 – Small Group Sessions 2

14:15-15:00 – Afternoon Coffee Break/Networking

15:00-16:15 – Small Group Sessions 3

16:15-16:45 – Plenary Closing

18:30 – Reception and Dinner


Tuesday, June 18th, 2019

9:30-10:30 – Opening Session – Introduction/Provocation

10:30-10:45 Opening Session – Transition to Breakout Sessions

10:45-12:00 – Small Group Session 4

12:00-13:00 – Lunch

13:00-14:15 – Small Group Session 5

14:15-15:00 – Afternoon Coffee Break/Networking

15:00-16:15 – Closing Session


The Leadership for Professional Learning Symposium will be held in Cambridge, UK, at the Møller Centre. The Møller Centre is a world-class, dedicated residential leadership development and conference centre at Churchill College, in the University of Cambridge. In addition to being our meeting space, the Møller Centre also offers accommodation on site for those who wish to stay a little closer to the action. Attendees will need to book travel and accommodation as far in advance as possible.

Traveling to Cambridge

If you are able to extend your visit, there is so much to do in Cambridge before and after the symposium.


The Moller Centre has some rooms available for those that wish to stay at the Symposium venue. For information on the accommodation available, please go to https://www.mollercentre.co.uk/accommodation/

Cambridge has a wide range of hotels and B&B accommodation available. June is a very popular month in Cambridge so we advise you to book your accommodation as soon as possible.

Hotels nearest to the conference venue are:

Hotel Felix

Premier Inn Cambridge North Girton

Accordia Apartments - Chemberlin Court

The Accommodation Service at the University of Cambridge may also be able to assist. For more information go to https://www.accommodation.cam.ac.uk/VisitingCambridge/Listings/

Places To Eat

Cambridge has a large number of restaurants, bars, pubs and cafes ranging from Michellin restaurants to cosy pubs. For a full listing, go to https://www.visitcambridge.org/food-and-drink/restaurants

Things to See

Cambridge has many places to visit while at the Symposium.

A few suggestions are:

Fitzwilliam Museum
Botanical Gardens
Kings Parade

For more information, please go to www.visitcambridge.org

Social Activities

There will be a conference dinner held on the evening of Monday 17 June in the Moller Centre Restaurant for all participants.
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