Artefacts & Past Events

2022 | Dublin, Ireland

Leadership for Professional Learning in Complex Times: Asking New Questions?

As in the past, the LfPL symposium provided extraordinary opportunities for dialogue between international leaders, researchers, practitioners, school educators, and policymakers. Attendees came together in person and online to share perspectives, pose questions, consider solutions, and develop a deeper understanding of the influences on teaching and learning.

2021 | Dublin, Ireland + Virtual

Leadership Within Technology-Enhanced Professional Learning Spaces

Learning is increasingly taking place within virtual environments, a situation that was accelerated by the global COVID-19 pandemic. We have witnessed the power of educators exercising leadership through technology as they collaborate with students, parents, and other stakeholders to support student learning. How can these stakeholders collectively exercise leadership for professional learning toward utilizing the affordances of technology to advance an agenda of educator learning in service of equitable student learning opportunities?

2019 | Cambridge, United Kingdom

Leading and Enabling Sustainable Professional Learning Cultures

The symposium is designed to connect educational leaders worldwide, serve as a catalyst in the creation of new ideas, and lead to academic and practice outputs through the contributions of participating colleagues. Furthermore, the symposium is a working session in which participants are expected to host a dialogue; bring an artifact, document, or other material to contribute to that dialogue; and participate in other dialogues within up to two selected symposium strands.

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